Outbound is a series of events bringing together international artists with local Berlin artists to meet and exchange about a shared field of interest.

Each Outbound takes place over a period of 3 days during which the invited artists discuss a prominent theme of their artistic practice. The public event concluding this meeting presents the work of each artists as well as, when relevant, a joint work.

Through collaboration and communication artists will build upon their traditions and approaches to their instruments to develop new pieces and perform in parallel with preexisting material presenting the audience with an evolution of themes of the new music scene.
A radio show is recorded throughout the different phases of the event.
Outbound aims at facilitating new collaborations to further investigate important themes of the new/experimental music scene.

In 2017, those themes are movement, physical connections to sound, the inherent poetry of the voice and ecology.

In 2018, Outbound reflects on our universal experience of time by looking at how the various invited artists interpret time in their own work. Temporal reality, dynamics of change and our experiential encounters with time will be challenged through the confrontation of the different ways to treat its passage: cyclically, linearly, reflectively, and repeating indefinitely

Curated by mélodie melak
Supported by initiative neue musik berlin e.V